Engine service on site, on board, and in our specialist workshop

Engines in ships and heavy equipment are our specialty: We perform maintenance, overhauling, and repair work carefully, fast, and with a high degree of flexibility.

• Maintenance and inspection work
• Cylinder head machining
• Part repairs
• Complete engine overhauls
• Change or renewal of engines and drive systems
• Repair of attached units such as pumps, generators, gears, controllers, etc.
• Diesel injection technology (nozzles, injection pumps, common rail)
• General mechanical repair work

We keep you mobile and offer short distances, quick decisions, comprehensive experience, and an excellent, well-equipped specialist workshop.

Engine service for all brands

We offer repair and maintenance service for commercial vehicles in harbour areas. From heavy-lift cranes through conventional trucks, motor cars, or fork lifts, all the way to special-purpose vehicles: Our engine specialists ensure that every vehicle runs properly.

In our specialist workshop, we repair engines from all known manufacturers. This service is not limited to the conventional main engines on ships and land vehicles, but also includes auxiliary engines, generators, pump drives – We solve acute problems and avoid future ones.: We repair damages, optimise operation, and provide reliability in mobility and productivity by ensuring the appropriate maintenance at regular intervals.

Service, competence, flexibility

We have gained a good reputation as a partner at shipyards and harbour operations –far beyond the limits of Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, and the mouth of the River Weser. We provide fast, thorough, and reliable solutions to your problems. If necessary, our team also comes at night and remains on site until the engine again functions correctly.

We procure the necessary spare parts and also manufacture special components individually in our own shops. From repairs and overhauling all the way to the delivery of complete replacement engines and shortblocks, we offer our customers full service on every kind of engine. Simply call us.

Our Service for Common-Rail Diesel Technology

Injector testing with the BOSCH Common-Rail injector tester
• Precise and fully automatic injector testing
• Plotting of the injection spray pattern at all pressures
• Quick detection of a defective injector
• Protocol print-out of the test result
• Testable components: CR – solenoid-valve injectors
  (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso, Delphi;
  CR – piezo-injectors (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso,
  Siemens, und Continental;
  CR – solenoid-valve injectors (trucks/lorries) from BOSCH
Your advantage
• Closing of the existing diagnostic gap
  in testing of the CR system
• Shorter waiting and repair times
• Avoidance of (expensive) diagnostic errors
  in testing of the CR system
In addition, we offer the following services
• Removal of jammed or stuck injectors and injection nozzles
  in the motor vehicle (without disassembly of the cylinder head)
  with special tools for a wide variety of engine types
• Machining of the injector seats
  and injector bores in the cylinder head
• Removal of torn-off sheathed-element glow plugs
• Repairing of threads