Your car is in good hands with us!

The most modern diagnostic equipment, a competent friendly team, and simple handling keep your car fit and ensure that you remain mobile.

Inspection service
Upon receipt of the manufacturer’s
guarantee for motor vehicles of all makes

Oil service
We employ exclusively oils which have been
approved by the motor-vehicle manufacturer.

Engine service
Diagnostic and repair work on
engine-management systems

Brake service
Maintenance and repairs for all brake systems

Electronic service
Electronic diagnostic analysis, trouble- shooting, and repairs

Chassis measurements
Driving safety requires correct
adjustment of the axle geometry.

General inspection
General inspection and exhaust-gas
analysis in conformance with §29 StVZO

Tyre service
Convenient service from a single source: tyre change, installation, balancing, storage

Lighting system
Adjustment of your headlamps
and replacement of defective lamps

Glass service
Repair or replacement of windscreen for
all makes and models of motor vehicles

Heating and air-conditioning service
Maintenance, repairs,
and after-sales conversion

Spare-parts salesHigh-quality spare parts from original
manufacturers for nearly all motor vehicles

Service for young-
and oldtimers

Optimising of vehicles
Sportscar chassis, aluminium wheel rims,
sportscar exhaust systems, and more

Pick-up and delivery service free of charge
(within the city limits of Bremerhaven)

Interim substitute vehicle
(Please enquire)

BOSCH- Car-Service
the automotive workshop for all makes

With Bosch-Car-Service, we provide a home base for cars of all makes. Take advantage of the BOSCH – automotive workshop – perfect performance, efficient service, reasonable prices and higher flexibility.

We are certified
according to ISO 9001:2015 

Bosch Car Service,
the car workshop for all brands

As a master workshop, we are specialised in performing work of all kinds on motor vehicles of all makes. This includes inspections as well as classical services on tyres, exhaust, brakes, or general testing.

With the use of the most advanced diagnostic equipment, we can test electronic systems in any car, detect and eliminate the sources of trouble. Spare parts are ordered either directly from the manufacturer or from selected suppliers with certified quality.

Our Service for Common-Rail Diesel Technology

Injector testing with the BOSCH Common-Rail injector tester
• Precise and fully automatic injector testing
• Plotting of the injection spray pattern at all pressures
• Quick detection of a defective injector
• Protocol print-out of the test result
• Testable components: CR – solenoid-valve injectors
  (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso, Delphi;
  CR – piezo-injectors (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso,
  Siemens, und Continental;
  CR – solenoid-valve injectors (trucks/lorries) from BOSCH
Your advantage
• Closing of the existing diagnostic gap
  in testing of the CR system
• Shorter waiting and repair times
• Avoidance of (expensive) diagnostic errors
  in testing of the CR system
In addition, we offer the following services
• Removal of jammed or stuck injectors and injection nozzles
  in the motor vehicle (without disassembly of the cylinder head)
  with special tools for a wide variety of engine types
• Machining of the injector seats
  and injector bores in the cylinder head
• Removal of torn-off sheathed-element glow plugs
• Repairing of threads

Engine repair only by a specialist

Precise disassembly of damaged
or torn glow plugs

Thread repair

Inserting threaded bushes

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Why on-site service?

Your planned glow plug replacement is not possible because the glow plugs are fixed or may already have been torn off. The vehicle is partially disassembled, not drivable and you have no way to bring the vehicle to us.

Preparation and review

You provide us with the appropriately prepared vehicle. The repair area is exposed and sufficiently accessible.

Note: For some engine versions, access is possible only by disassembling the cylinder head or engine. A workplace in the workshop with electricity and compressed air connection is required.

Important NOTE:

When glow plugs are dismantled, unpredictable additional work may be necessary. This work and the associated expense cannot be determined in advance. If the repair is canceled, the function may no longer be guaranteed. Follow-up work may be necessary.