Engine repairs by specialists only

We have made it our business to perform all services associated with your engine. These services include supplying engine parts, competent consulting, as well as the necessary repair work of the highest quality, at a fair price and in the shortest possible time.

Besides careful handling of the repaired engine, the high quality of repair work constitutes the basis for long engine life.

Our suppliers and our membership in the Association of Engine Repair Companies ensure an exchange of experience, contact with leading manufacturers of engine parts, and a high level of technical know-how throughout Germany.

Our technical competence is at your disposal. Optimal consulting with our customers is thus ensured.

Maintenance and repairs on all internal-combustion engines

Repair of individual engine components
– Cylinder liners
– Crankshafts
– Camshafts
– Fuel-injection pumps
– Turbo-superchargers
– Crankcases
– Cylinder heads
– Valves
– Rocker arms
– Flywheels
– Thread machining

Sale of engines and engine components
– Engines new / in exchange
– Spare parts from all leading manufacturers

Face milling
of sealing surfaces

Honing of zylinders
with a diameter around 500 mm

Engine repair only by a specialist

Precise disassembly of damaged
or torn glow plugs

Thread repair

Inserting threaded bushes

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Why on-site service?

Your planned glow plug replacement is not possible because the glow plugs are fixed or maybe already torn off. The vehicle is partially disassembled, not drivable and you have no way to bring the vehicle to us.

Preparation and review

You provide us with the vehicle prepared. The repair area is exposed and sufficiently accessible.

Note: For some engine variants, access is only possible by disassembling the cylinder head or engine. A workplace in the workshop with electricity and compressed air connection is required.

Important NOTE:

When dismantling glow plugs, unpredictable additional effort can occur. These cannot be calculated in advance. If the repair is canceled, the function may no longer be guaranteed. Follow-up work cannot be excluded.